Monday, January 3, 2011

A Bit of Happy News

So, the long and short of it is, I'm pregnant!!!

I've spent weeks trying to figure out when to say it, how to say it. But I'm just so amazingly happy about it that I figured it was better to share, so I could actually say something about it, because I'm ready to burst. I'd hoped to wait until next week, when we have an ultrasound scheduled to check for a heartbeat and such.

And then last night I outed myself on twitter hoping for help with the severe morning sickness I've been dealing with, because I reached a breaking point, having thrown up every single time I ate yesterday, except one (right before bed).

This little one was conceived without the use of fertility drugs - something we did not think was possible for us, so all I can assume is divine intervention. There are a couple of Goddesses who will have chocolate and other goodies when it is next appropriate to do so. We had been sure that this fall was the right time to try again, until some family things for next summer came up that meant putting it off for better timing...but if an opportunity to try without drugs was going to present itself, at the time we originally felt was right, who am I to argue?

While I'm already hating morning sickness (see above), and there were a lot of things about my pregnancy with Acorn that I wish had gone differently, I really enjoyed being pregnant, and I am finding little moments of joy in this pregnancy.

I love being able to sit here quietly, soaking in this feeling. The heavy feeling in my belly, even though baby is not nearly big enough to make anything feel like anything. The warm glow that nearly crackles across my skin at times - that same energy that makes people comment on how pregnant women just glow. The very spiritual and yet grounding realization that there is a person inside me, just waiting to come out and let us meet him or her.

I don't know that we'll be finding out the sex of this baby before its birth - we supposedly knew Acorn's, about as sure as we could be, and they were wrong. Not finding out would be less drama inducing, I think.
Mostly, though, I am praying. Praying a lot, daily - for a healthy baby, and a healthy full term pregnancy without complications. If you all wouldn't mind, I think we could use all the help we can get on that front.


  1. Congratulations Kadiera!

  2. Oh congratulations, I'm so happy for you! :D

  3. yay! congrats!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you!

  4. I knew early (between you and Arwyn, I'm thinking I need to be really careful with my baby dust!), but reading this still brings tears to my eyes. Ok, blame it on postpartum hormones, but... I'm so happy for you guys! And definitely praying for a healthy bub and pregnancy. :)

  5. yay! congrats!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you!