Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pagan scouting type stuff


It will cost a small fortune for us to start a SpiralScouts hearth, and it will cost even more by the 2nd year to join a local Pagan group's scouting program.... we're for real on our own.

This is my plan: every weekend (because weekdays are school and weeknights are therapy), we will plan to do 4 things:  

One life skills type thing
One craft project or other creative thing
One physical activity
One Pagan "lesson" of some sort

I'm pretty sure that some weekends are not going to work. And that some weekends we're not going to get it all done. That's ok....the plan is what's important.

This weekend's list:

Cooking lessons are starting tomorrow morning.
We have a paint-a-horse kit waiting for tomorrow too.
This afternoon was swimming
This morning we did some drumming.

Tell me what you're doing - scouting? Something else?