Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Still here

We're still here.

It's been a long summer, and we still have several weeks before school starts, but it seems like it's nothing but drama.

Leaf's g-tube surgery went well....but then healing was hard to come by. She rejected all the sutures, and the surgical site broke open from the new wound.  Nearly two months of wound care were required to get it healed - and I suppose it could look worse, but it could look better, too.

Preschool is going well. They were nervous, but she's mostly been good for them. She has a 1:1 aide working on going potty and as a general extra set of eyes, but she's not taking off running all the time because they're holding her interest. Other kids want to be her friends.

Acorn, too, is holding his own this summer. Although there have been behavior challenges, by and large they've been containable.

We've struggled with what to do with the kids on weekends. I keep thinking that I should do something Pagan-like with them, but the idea of actually planning anything gets pretty overwhelming, and then I think, well if I'm planning it for them, why not plan something for more kids, and then it spirals out of control.

As for me?  I published a book (finally!).  That's been quite a whirl-wind of emotion and chaos. But it also feels good to be DONE with it. What's next? Dunno, exactly, though I've been taking submissions for a children's prayer book anthology, and my goal this year has been to realize that I'm working on the universe's timeline, not my own....and that things happen when they happen.

We ran a donation drive for school supplies for foster kids on my reservation. It was a huge success, and we're hoping to do even more next year. I want to do more community stuff.

I need more sleep. I am tired all the time, and I hurt all the time - and that's not new, but it's getting worse, so it's probably time to do something about it. I finished off my Reiki Master/Teacher certification, wrote some classes on other topics....and have done nothing with them.

I really think I want to do something other than being an engineer, but being an engineer pays too well to walk away from. That's going to take some thinking.

We're meeting with Acorn's staff and his new teacher this week, to get them all trained on his communication device. We're hoping for a really good year with staff who are ready to jump in with both feet and make things happen. Maybe I can ride that energy along with them?