Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NICU memories

One big thing that's come full circle with this pregnancy is our NICU experience.

Ours was both better and worse than some. But we've agreed that should things go that route, we want to be in the same hospital.


Because part of the way most NICUs work appears to be based more on politics than on patient or parent needs.

Because we already know the system there - who is willing to be flexible, who isn't, which nurses to trust and which to avoid, how to get things done, what rules to push and what rules to follow to the letter, what things are in our control and which aren't (no matter how much the staff makes it out that they're God in this little world of theirs).

Because we already know the head of neonatology has issues with strong women (and I'm no push-over).

Because it seems to me that most people go into the NICU terrified, and come out just as terrified, having been through what appears to be a capricious system ruled by who's on duty this shift, never learning how to get what they need, and never really learning how to get their children home - it just happens by magic.

Because we don't want to have to learn the system all over again at a different hospital, with less family-friendly visiting rules, farther from home.

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