Who we are:

Me, a full-time-working Pagan mama, and part of far too many subcultures - some of them you'll approve of, some you might not. I'm a writer, artist, engineer, semi-crunchy attachment parenting type, with a wide array of interests

My computer geek husband, code-named Big Oak early in this blog, but mostly just referred to as "my spouse"

Acorn, our former 27 weeker, who spent most of his first year and a half on a ventilator. Medically complex, and a walking example of "medically fragile" until just recently, he came home after 291 days in the NICU with a tracheostomy, a g-tube, a ventilator, and lots of oxygen tanks. He's now 3, getting all his tubes out this year, and he's mostly a normal preschooler, other than a serious speech delay and an AFO.

Leaf, our infant, who was born at 28 weeks. She's in the hospital still, and while she's not expected to be anywhere near as complicated as Acorn, she's still likely to be yet another medically complex special needs kiddo for a while.