Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An update from the home front

We did, in fact, make it home on Saturday, though not without some bumps in the road. Who knew that the 2 most common meds preemies leave the NICU with are not available at normal pharmacies? And who would ever think that the hospital's internal pharmacy can't look up insurance card detail in the hospital's system for discharge meds?

Anyway, we're here. We're struggling with reflux, and with a stomach bug that Acorn brought home from somewhere (likely daycare) and shared. Leaf seemed relatively unfazed, but today she's amazingly cranky and getting moreso by the hour. Our most recent feeding appears to be the first in nearly 36 hours that she hasn't spit up (though saying that may jinx me). We started reflux meds yesterday, a very mild one, and I'm hoping it gives us a bit of breathing room.

Leaf often sleeps with her eyes partly open, which is unnerving. Other than the last few hours, she's happy, smiling, and what normal people would call a "good baby" - she doesn't cry much, she sleeps well, she's happy to be held or not, she's great in the car as long as it's moving. In special needs terms, she appears to be socially appropriate, and other than her severely flat head and her torticollis (stiff neck), she looks to me to be on schedule for her adjusted age. The therapists will be here Friday and Sunday to evaluate her for in-home therapy for the winter, and it's our two favorites from Acorn's in-home therapy days, who we will be happy to see again, and who I'm sure will enjoy seeing Acorn again.

We are no where close to finding our rhythm - and we're adding more appointments every time the phone rings. Acorn's last day at daycare is Friday, so that'll add another layer of chaos too. But we'll get there. least, I hope so....


  1. adding another layer of chaos will decrease the level of ick in your house! ;) You have're going to do great! I'm proud of you already!

  2. So wonderful to hear that you all are home! I remember the reflux days... my dad thought it was funny that my daughter and he were on the same meds. Thankfully that didn't last long. But it sounds to me like you've got everything handled, or at least to the best of your ability. Just remember to take the time to enjoy having everyone together!


  3. I keep thinking we should have pulled him sooner. I hate having done it just as he was getting the idea....but the germs are awful. I don't remember my baby brother being sick so much back in the day, or with so many germs, and that place he was at got reported to the state for neglect!