Monday, October 31, 2011

Samhain Blessings

This is not the year I have to explain death to Acorn, though I know that time will come.

It is, however, a night for remebering the beloved dead, and though Acorn doesn't know (and never knew) the people I hold in my heart, I'll tell him anyway.

  • A dear friend lost just a week after Leaf's birth to a complication of her own pregnancy.
  • Aunt E, the woman who inspired my spiritual journey, even though her path and mine were not meant to be the same.
  • Grandpa H, who inspired my love of all things mechanical
  • Granny H, who fed my love of music
  • Trach friends who have passed this year, like D, who's adoption was finalized only hours before he passed.

And among the honored dead this year, I hold space in my heart for:

  • those lost in the earthquake in Japan and it's aftermath, particularly those near the nuclear plants. My first engineering job was at a similar plant, and I know the sacrifice they make.
  • soldiers everywhere, no matter what side of the battle they're on. I have good friends in Afghanistan right now; I have family members who have served, and I know the price they face.
Blessings to you all, no matter your faith. If you're out and about tonight, be safe.

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