Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Does the hospital give multi-child discounts?

Last night we took Acorn in to the ER, wheezing and coughing even with his breathing treatments. He's staying there again tonight, with hopes to go home tomorrow.

Leaf is just down the hall and around the corner in the PICU. She's still on a ventilator, still sedated, but they're slowly weanng her vent settings.

Too bad they couldn't throw them both in the same room. I moved Leaf's altar back into her room over the weekend (it hadn't all found a home yet as we were still unpacking from moving out of the NICU), but we only have one altar setup for the hospital, and I have two kids there, in two separate rooms.

Oddly, there was already a chaplain in Leaf's room when I arrived the morning she was intubated. She was not yet intubated when I walked in, and in fact I had only stepped off the elevator. I wonder how they know when to show up?

We're finding the regular pediatrics floor somewhat interesting. People don't know us (well, nurses don't know us - it's still mostly the same respiratory therapists that we've worked with since Acorn was born). There's dismay at all the things that have to be done in particular ways for Acorn - they want a compliant kid who they can do anything they want done on command. I guess the'll either learn, or not.

When I said I wanted my family together, I didn't mean in the hospital....

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  1. Well, be careful what you wish for... I hope your children will be well and home again soon!