Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Snap-EZ stuffable trainers

We ordered these directly from Snap-EZ.. I purchased a size 2T in Blue. A variety of sizes and colors are available, but there's no way to tell if the color you want is in stock in the size you want. This is a bit irritating when the first three colors you choose are out of stock in your prefered size...

Materials: This has a PUL layer, and the rest is made with a suede liner, just like a pocket diaper. We also ordered a fleece insert, which you can see in the photo.

Closures: These snap up the sides.

Sizing: We ordered a 2T

Acorn is about 29 lbs, and mostly wears size 2T clothes - he can wear most 18 month pants, but they're too short, and he can wear 3Ts but they're too long.

They fit ok. We like the Happy Heinys pocket a bit better than these for fit - the elastic on those is a bit tighter.

Absorbency: At about an ounce and a half, the water started running out the legs of this trainer. The insert wasn't wicking water away from the spot where it was soaking through the inner surface, and as a result, the PUL at the legs was saturated long before the water soaked up into the insert.

The inner fleece was dripping wet - even 15 minutes later, there were still puddles that hadn't soaked into the insert. I wrang most of an ounce of water out of the shell itself after that, realizing that the insert was the problem.

We've had a couple of leaks that seem similar to this, even after a lot of washings. This may be a problem with the insert, though - see the final thoughts section of this review.

Drying: On the plus side, because these are pockets, they dry super quick.

Final thoughts: These shipped really quickly - we ordered Saturday night and had an email that they'd been shipped on Tuesday.

I've decided I'm not fond of pocket trainers. It's hard to find an insert that actually stays where it belongs, which is not a problem we've ever had with pocket diapers. I don't want to double up the inserts, since that defeats the purpose of a trainer. We've used the fleece insert from SnapEZ, we've used BG microfiber, we've used infant prefolds, and they're all subject to shifting in both this trainer and the HH trainer (next week's review).

One other thought...What's the difference between a pocket trainer and a pocket diaper that closes with snaps? It seems to me the answer is "fewer snaps" - these have no ability to adjust at the waist, which means if your child grows you have to buy a new size. That being said, it might be worth trying some snapping one-size pockets as trainers if your child is small enough to fit in them, rather than buying trainers.

Disclaimer: these trainers were bought by me, and this review is my personal opinion of them. No compensation was provided.

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