Friday, September 17, 2010

life gets in the way

You'd think, being a working mom with a special needs kid, that I'd be better at scheduling...but you'd be wrong, at least when it comes to scheduling me into the calendar. Things have been hectic the last couple of weeks. It shows in my writing, and my artwork...and in things like sleep and emotional stability

Acorn has seen cardiology, urology, pulmonology, orthotics, x-ray, PT/OT/ST (those three are every week), the psychologist (that's every week too), we've scheduled an IEP re-do for next week, and he's seen 3 of his 4 school based therapists this week.

Acorn is now off O2 when he's awake (mostly) and we're waiting for a surgery date from urology. And we've gotten through all of those appointments without screaming, panic, or sobbing. I guess the psychologist is worth what we're paying her, but it's still pricey.

One of our cats is dying, and has to be infused with fluids several times a week, plus multiple vet visits. Kidney failure is not fun, and we're discussing at what point we say enough is enough. For now, he's not quite himself, but not suffering either, so we soldier on in what we know is a losing battle.

My back has been getting progressively more stiff the last couple months, and I've had 4 migraines in the last month, so it finally became obvious that I needed to stop and regroup on the self-care front and find a chiropractor last week...because my back and hips hurt so much it brought tears to my eyes.

Where am I supposed to fit in 3 adjustments a week for the next month? Luckily, the new chiro has appointments right up to 6, and is super fast and less than 3 miles from home.

They don't do manual adjustments - they use a gun thingy, and some applied kinesiology - so it's a little more holistic than past chiros I've seen (or, "they're more woo than most" as my spouse puts it). The doctor I see in their office was quick to point out that she's been getting adjustments for years, but was still having migraines until recently, and that they don't push supplements because they're not going to sell things they haven't found on their own and used first.

For all that it seems more gentle than the manual adjustments I'd gotten before, it sure hurts like a manual adjustment after the fact. I've given up and taken motrin several times, and no, drinking more water...lots more water....isn't helping any.

They have an office dog too, which is nice, and a kid-specific adjustment room decorated like a jungle. Since Acorn is at risk of developing scoliosis, it wouldn't be a bad thing to get him in too, but schedules....

Tonight we have nursing straight through the night. Much though I'd like a nice quiet dinner and a movie, I think our to-do lists are long enough that we need to get stuff done instead.

Tomorrow is Pagan Pride Day, and I haven't gathered up supplies for the craft I'm teaching, nor have I really put together my notes for the workshop I'm doing on toddlers and energy work.

Tomorrow is also karate test day. I'm going for my red belt, which means I'm at the half way point to being a black belt - take that, people who think that we can "fix" fat by exercising, or that all fat people do is sit around watching TV. The guy who broke into the house two winters ago sure regretted it, and I was only just barely an orange belt then.

Tomorrow is also, of course, chiropractor day again too. Ouch

Sunday is bead and stone shopping day, as K and I are heading to a trunk show for one of my suppliers.

And somewhere in there I have orders to fill, a website to work on, and an IEP meeting to prepare for.

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

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