Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Stellar Transitions Trainers

We ordered these directly from Banana Bottoms. I purchased a "size 2T-3T" with a transportation print around the hips and white up through the wet zone. A variety of sizes and prints are available, as well as customs.

Materials: This has a PUL layer, and the rest is made from organic cotton and bamboo.

Closures: These snap up the front, which we really like. Standing changes don't work so well at our house, especially where poop is involved, and doing side snaps when laying down is hard.

Sizing: We ordered a 2T-3T, which should be about right.

Acorn is about 29 lbs, and mostly wears size 2T clothes - he can wear most 18 month pants, but they're too short, and he can wear 3Ts but they're too long.

The waist on these is a bit loose, often leaving us with a plumber's crack effect. They won't stay up at his natural waist. A little more oomph to the elastic would be an improvement.

They're a very trim fit, and would go well under pants.

Absorbency: These soaked up every bit of the water in the absorbency test, but none of it wicked up the wet zone.

Laundry: The site makes mention of needing to wash 5 times to reach maximum absorbency, which is a bummer for me. Washing with our normal diapers, it would take 2 weeks to get that many washes in.

It hasn't taken that long to get absorbency, but these are the most wet of any other pair when we take them out of the dryer. Our dryer runs a sensor cycle to tell if clothing is done; it gets diapers dry, no questions asked, and this is the only thing still wet...often still very wet, not just damp. We usually have to leave them hanging overnight after they've been through the dryer.

Final thoughts: I think these are amazingly cute. If I could get past the drying issue, I'd probably buy more of these, but I don't usually have time to wait for them to dry.

Disclaimer: these trainers were bought by me, and this review is my personal opinion of them. No compensation was provided.

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