Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Xtracycle

Last summer (ie, 2010), we started talking about getting Acorn out on bike rides. He was still on oxygen at the time, which was a problem. We could put him in a bike trailer, but he couldn't talk, so we were concerned about our ability to know if there was a problem with him so far back from the rider. I know parents of typical toddlers and preschoolers who have the same concerns about trailers, so it didn't seem too far fetched to worry that it wasn't going to work.
We did a lot of talking and a lot of investigating, and finally settled on buying an Xtracycle Free Radical conversion kit. This turns a regular bicycle into a long wheel base cargo bike. They have lots of interesting accessories like saddle bags and kid seats. So, here's what we did:

Took the rear wheel off my Schwinn:

Unpacked the Free Radical Kit:

Assembled it to the bike:

Put the wheel back on:

Added deck and saddle bags:

And finally, installed PeaPod seat:

Of course, by the time we made a decision, ordered it, and got it built, Acorn was off oxygen, but at the rate we're going, Leaf will be on oxygen for a while anyway and we'll use it for her instead. Besides, this gives us the opportunity to go grocery shopping for small quantities of groceries too - the store is only 2 miles away; why take a whole car for just a couple of bags?

I still don't have an action shot - Acorn is pretty anti-helmet, and wouldn't sit in the PeaPod with the
front crossbar installed, so it's been a few weeks of work to get him to sit in it. I think that now if we can get him in it, get his helmet on, and get moving fairly quickly, it'll work out ok - once we're moving, he's pretty pleased. I'm definitely hoping to get some biking in yet this fall, assuming the weather cooperates.

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  1. I have always wanted an xtracycle. I'll be interested to read about how you and your family like it.