Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The End of An Era

Today is our last day of nursing (though our primary nurse has offered to sit with Acorn once in a while, and we've made arrangements with her to do so once a month so we can get out of the house). When Nurse J leaves at 7 am tomorrow, we're done for good. It's rather bittersweet - yeah, I want them gone. I want my house back. But there are all these little details.... nebulizer treatments and one medication that we almost never give. Night time wakings. Child care arrangements. At home arrangements for when he's sick. Lots of little things that normal families do all the time. The list is a little overwhelming, but it should be ok. There's no trach to suction. No g-tube to come out in the middle of the night. No need to turn the pulse ox on at all, really. Thursday, Acorn starts daycare. By himself. When we did daycare earlier this year, it took a whole duffle bag to be prepared for all possibilities, plus a bag for his cloth diapers. Now we're looking at just packing him a kid-sized backpack, plus his bag of diapers. And here we thought getting rid of the ventilator meant less stuff to carry.

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