Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And it's done

Acorn has no trach - almost 12 hours without now. Took it out, put gauze and a piece of tape over it, and basically that's it, just sitting around now to monitor, and to wait for the stoma to close a bit. He doesn't seem to notice, but he does notice the nurses and doctors and residents and med students.

My spouse has Acorn duty tonight and tomorrow - I'm going to work. Then I have my turn staying at the hospital tomorrow night and all day Thursday.

Can I just say it's a little unnerving to be sleeping alone? I mean, I used to live alone. But it's been more than a decade since I regularly slept without anyone else in the house. And the last 2 1/2 years, there's usually been someone awake all night here, which just makes it more odd to me.

I think I slept alone one night this past spring when Acorn was in the hospital, but I didn't make it home until like 2 am after a marathon of pediatrician, ER, and hospital admission, so it wasn't sleep so much as falling over in exhaustion. Before that....it was the car wreck my husband was in (car vs. pedestrian, and he was the pedestrian) a few weeks before Acorn got his trach. Before that....I think my husband went on a business trip about 5 years ago.

Meh. I should pump and sleep, because it's already been a long week. g'night all.

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  1. When Becky was in antepartum it was so weird to be alone in our house. Same deal. Congrats with Acorn!