Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tomorrow is a Big Day

Tomorrow we take a big step towards being less medically fragile - Acorn's feeding tube is being removed. It's somewhat anticlimactic, seeing as how it's only use since December was to keep him hydrated when he had rotavirus earlier this year....other than the fact that they're actually going to put him under in the OR and sew the hole shut (which we were originally told was not generally required, but the surgeon says it's been there long enough that it likely won't close on its own, so why waste time).

We're having a lot of changes this year. New baby, new round with the NICU, no g-tube, and no trach (and no nursing, plus a new nanny) is coming...and that doesn't include things like this week's first ever sentence: "I go round round" when he was told we were going to see the occupational therapist, who lets him spin on her swings.

No wonder we're all stressed.

Thursday I go back to work - not looking forward to that.


  1. Deep breaths. Lots of love and energy to all.

  2. I am so excited for you! No G-Tube is huge! I don't know that we'll ever get rid of ours, but I can imagine that there is some sense of relief there!

    I don't want you to go back to work either. Sending lots of love and prayers your way...and B's way too! xoxo