Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sunday was the first day I ever cried about Acorn's speech delay. And I cried more than once over it through the course of the day.

Granted, the tears are more complex than just "speech delay, oh noes!" There's exhaustion, the ever present moodiness, and a lot of frustration in there too.

We've had a tough week. Acorn is off, somehow. First it was something at bedtime - looking at the walls as if there was something there (I smudged, even though I'm pretty sure there's nothing here - I'd know if there was something energetic or spirit in nature on my turf), or not falling very deeply asleep so that if we move, he jumps up, terrified that we're leaving him. Then it was reacting in apparent fear to scenes in videos he's seen dozens of times.

It's continued to escalate - he's had a meltdown because I was in a different aisle than he and his father at a store. He's sobbed over his choice of movies.

And he doesn't have the words to explain it.

He's clearly frustrated when he can't get us to understand what he's upset about. And his frustration is driving us all up a wall.

I keep reminding myself that it's a phase. It'll get better. He's communicating more. We're paying close attention to try to figure out what's bothering him.

But in the meanwhile, it just sucks.


  1. You know what... Jack went through something really similar. MOODY! And crying...he wanted the doors closed to the bathrooms because he was scared. I think he was at the tail end of 3 or the beginning of 4. It got better slowly, but it's rough. I feel for you. Extra love.

  2. You are so brave for writing about the more complex and scary parts of raising a child.... especially one that is dealing with the struggles that you are. Thank you for being such an excellent source of love and support for your son and showing us that by mirroring it in these writings.

    As you are struggling with the frustration, continue to have faith that you are showing your son how to communicate and advocate for self. You are a honorable example. Love you