Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A lot of my writing time this week is going towards an interview I'm doing for Masery Gaias over at Staff of Asclepius, a blog focused on Pagans with disabilities, major illnesses, and the like. Masery asks good questions, and it's taking a lot of time and thought to put it all together. I think our interview will be 2 or 3 parts, so watch for that in the future.

I'm finally getting over my latest illness, but Acorn appears to be coming down with something again (we're at 5 illnesses in the last 7.5 weeks...if this pans out, it'll be #6). Oxygen at night, while formerly a given at our house, is now cause for concern, and last night was oxygen, multiple breathing treatments, and coughing up a lot of mucous. Preschool germs are killing us, slowly and painfully.

On the plus side, he had a little inchstone moment yesterday: he drank from a straw. He's not controlled enough to only get as much as he wants, but he gets the idea. This is huge.

On a sadder note, another little guy on the trach board passed last night. D's familiy has been working most of the last year to adopt him and bring him home. He was home with them awaiting finalization of his adoption when a week or two ago he went into respiratory distress from aspiration; he was in the ICU and very touch and go. His adoption was finalized yesterday morning...and he passed away last night, with his parents. My heart aches for them, but I'm so grateful that he got to go home.

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