Thursday, February 24, 2011

a sense of belonging

Sometimes I'm not sure where I belong.

I'm too attachment parenting (AP) oriented for most mainstream moms groups.

I work full time, which apparently means my kid doesn't need playgroups.

I'm usually too mainstream for most Pagan parenting groups (and the one group I know of locally requires moms to be stay-at-home-moms to join).

Apparently I'm not mainstream enough for the local AP families group (poly & Pagan) *and* too mainstream (I work full time and I give my kid antibiotics when he's sick).

My child's needs are too specific for most generic "special needs" parenting groups, which I frequently find are...overrun...with parents who have kids with Autism or other spectrum disorders. Don't take this the wrong way, but if your "special needs" group only ever talks about ASD, it's an ASD group, and ought to be advertised as such.

I've got a few special needs parenting groups that I'm a part of, but every once in a while the less mainstream aspects of our life get me in trouble (AP in particular).

And sometime this year, we will lose most of the things that have made Acorn special needs and medically fragile - both the trach and g-tube are going, unless things go haywire. While that will leave him with some complex medical history, and a few minor special needs....he'll no longer be classified as medically fragile.
How strange that we're not really going to fit in with that crowd either...