Tuesday, February 8, 2011

13 week updates

Today marks 13 weeks of this pregnancy. Theoretically that's 1/3 of the way done...but for Acorn, it was just a few days short of half way. I remember getting to 20 weeks with Acorn and thinking, "wow! half way done! That went so fast!"  If only I'd known how quickly the rest of the pregnancy would go....

Anyway. Still cranky. Sinuses are still a problem, and I suppose I ought to go back to the doctor. Still miserably sick, off and on - clearly my body doesn't read the calendar, because morning sickness is a first trimester thing (ha!)...but then, it couldn't read the clock either, and stick with only being sick in the mornings. No, lately it's been after dinner.

Acorn appears to be coming down with something too, so this will be a fun and exciting week, I'm sure. He's been on oxygen the last 2 nights, and we've run albuterol in the evenings, which we haven't done in weeks.


I frequently feel that I've lost myself somewhere. I keep trying to remind  myself that it's temporary - that I need to focus very specifically on meeting my physical needs, because I don't have the energy to meet any other needs if I don't. It is hard, and some days are better than others,


Beyond that, there is drama in so many of my communities right now...I wonder if there's something astrological going on, or what. Again I'm reminded that sometimes, life was easier when I was a hermit with no friends.

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