Friday, April 2, 2010

Why is faith important?

First, I swear I'm going to do something to allow threaded comments drives me crazy that I can't easily respond to comments :)

I know that there are many other parents out there with kids with special needs. I have quite a few friends and acquaintances now that I would never have known without Acorn. For the most part, we all stick together and offer support when we can, where we can, whether or not our kids share a diagnosis.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming for me (or anyone else) to dig through resources looking for something that is useful to us and our child's condition(s), only to find tons of information for more "common" special needs, and maybe a snippet here or a mention there that applies to us. A mother I know who has a child with autism points out that they have a similar (but, to my mind, very distinct issue), in that there is so much out there that might generically apply, but that may or may not work for her child, that she still feels isolated.

The difference is that in her case, there's too much information to sort through that might apply, and in ours, there's practically no information that even comes close.

In a lot of ways, the intersection of faith and special needs is the same. Faith is often a big part of how people handle difficult circumstances....and again, digging through the various blogs and books and articles out there...there's not much for me to draw on, not many others who have forged a path to suggest where I ought to be heading. It's not new news - I used to run a message board for Pagans facing infertility and looking into adoption, because there was nothing else similar out there. I'm just somewhat frustrated by the fact that I am often fnding myself in situations that mean that if there will be any support for anyone, it has to come from me.

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  1. You have to be the voice for Acorn. There's tons of info about CP out there. But none of those kids are my Jack.

    I have no support except for all y'all online. My family is 5 hours away. We don't know anyone, because the only places we go is to doctors and therapy.

    Deep breaths. Faith helps some people...others not so much. You have an inner strength that is wonderous...on the bad days, just remember to dig deep from that spot.