Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Wild Month

First, it was the last minute trip to my mother's partner's funeral, and meeting a ton of new people. I suppose you can say that I learned that I have a step brother, and I will have to look him (and his kids) up the next time we're out that way.

I also learned about a lot of the skeletons in the family closet - things about my mother's childhood that she'd hinted at, but not said outright, things she's learned about what happened to her sister and brothers after she left. It's left a bad taste in my mouth overall, and it means that I need to get on with the writing of our will so that we can be sure Acorn is taken care of by someone who will take care of him and protect him - something that too many in my family have not done in the past.

Then it was a weekend at Notacon - a great little computers and creativity and stuff sort of con in Cleveland. It was a good weekend from a mental standpoint, and a horrible weekend for sleep.

Then this past week, Acorn had surgery to begin repairing his hypospadius. The doctor and I are going to have a discussion about his decision to have Acorn kept overnight, in a space where nurse basically said, "you're not expecting us to do any of his care, are you?" and where he slept poorly and pain wasn't managed well.

This weekend we went to a BBQ. Tonight I'm hosting my first full moon ritual. Acorn is still cranky, and is staying with his least favorite nurse today (she's competent, but her personality sucks).

And I'm just ready for this month to be over, so we can try for a calmer month next time.

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