Tuesday, April 27, 2010

because you can never have too much technology

So, this post is going to be shameless promotion. You've been warned.

We got Acorn his own keyboard for the computer (a toddler proof one) but haven't hooked it up to anything. One of these days we ought to do that - he's fascinated with phones and computers (In our house? really?).

I keep hearing that there are fabulous apps out there for iPhone and iPod touch, meant for kids his size. And we've seen assistive communication devices on iPhone - the school had pushed for a bulky picture-and-button contraption originally, but we pushed back and we're working on oral speech instead...but some days I wonder if that was the right path to take. Then again, we do not own either device, and likely will not buy an iPhone just for Acorn to destroy at this point, so I suppose it's kind of a moot point.

It turns out there's a wonderful blog that reviews iPhone apps for kids - fittingly, it's called "Best Apps for Kids." And right now they're giving away an iPad to a lucky blogging parent...and this post is my entry to that giveaway.

Now, I already have a netbook of my own. But wouldn't it be cool to have an  iPad to play with...and maybe get Acorn to use?

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