Monday, March 12, 2012

Mondays are now a total loss

So...this month we're taking the schedule that we've been working on setting since January...and throwing it in the blender and starting over.

Acorn had his IEP meeting last Wednesday, and he qualified for services through the school (duh)...which meant starting developmental preschool today.

So yeah. I did school shopping (including pull-on style disposable training pants, because that's all they allow) in 5 days total. There's no bus ready for him yet (it could take up to two weeks from the date of his IEP), but he will be riding the bus from daycare, to school, and back to daycare the 4 days a week he's there, and I will meet the bus in the daycare parking lot the 5th day....Monday.

We've had to re-schedule all of his therapy sessions, because preschool is in the morning, and so were all of our therapies. Speech was pretty easy (and I'm writing this from speech, which is my only moment of free time today), but OT has no openings that we can make at all, and PT has only one, and it's on the day I've tried to reserve for Leaf's appointments in Ann Arbor because Acorn is in daycare that day and I don't have to take him along.

Furthermore, I start back to work on the 21st. Through the end of the month I'll be at work every day, and then I'll be going to 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) after the first of April.

So....Mondays are a mess. School from 8:45 to 11:15, then lunch, and then probably no nap, because if it's anything like today we drove around for over an hour (Acorn is way overtired today) and still got no nap...only to have my phone ding and remind me that we had we had a quick 10 minute pit stop at home for a bathroom break and diaper change and a little milk for Acorn, and then off to speech.

Officially, Mondays are now the day I know I'll get nothing done. Maybe if I plant that thought in my brain, it'll be less stressful.


In other news, in the next couple weeks I'll be announcing the launch of my new energy work kit for parents and their young children to do together, and I'll be migrating products from my etsy store to my other site, Also watch this week for my Ostara planning post over at


  1. I should send you some Red Bull and an octopus?

    Ugh. Instead, I am sending you all the love and hugs I can find!

  2. It sounds to me as if you are getting a LOT of things done on Mondays. You have my permission to be nice to yourself.

    In other news, was that you in my Sunday newspaper in the article about tube feeding? It was like having you over for coffee!

  3. That was likely us - the Detroit Free Press interviewed us in early February at the hospital, and the article has cropped up all over the place since then.

  4. Thanks hon. I think a clone is in order. Or some house elves maybe? Some days I think just a personal assistant - there are places online I can hire one for $3/hr.....

  5. Wow, sounds like other people said, a very productive day. And you always have a few minutes during speech therapy, so there's that?

  6. Wow, you are really busy. I hope you find a schedule where everything works out and you get a moment to just breathe every now and then.