Friday, March 16, 2012

Last random breastmilk thought

As we're using up the last of the frozen donated breastmilk today, I find myself wondering about the statement that it's liquid gold.

(This, by the way, is where you learn just how much of a geek I am. I am an engineer. Don't say you weren't warned.)

Gold weighs approximately 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter. There are about 28 cc in an ounce (volume). That's about 540 grams per ounce (vol).

The price of gold this week is around $1675 per ounce (weight). One ounce (weight) is approximately 28 grams. So, gold is about $59.80 per gram.

That makes an ounce (volume) of gold a little over $32,000.

I was told donor milk is about $5/oz; there's an FDA presentation that says the total cost is $13.59/100 ml, which is $3.80 per ounce. the end, liquid gold is still way more expensive than breastmilk, but doesn't have all the neat properties that help your baby stay healthy.

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