Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hospital life is like a pinball machine

...and you're the ball.

It's been quite a ride the last few days. Bethany has been vomiting a lot but we think we have it narrowed down and mostly under control.

Cardiology last week said they wanted to wait on her PDA, but this week's docs changed their minds.

side note: if you haven't spent  much time in a hospital, the various attending, resident, and fellow doctors change by week or by month, and every time they change, the plan is likely going to change because it's a new group of people. They call it practicing medicine because they keep practicing on you until they get it right!


Pulmonology didn't like cardiology's plan because Leaf's lungs and the plan at hand were not likely to play well together, so there's been a lot of discussion amongst our various staff to figure out what to do.

And that's the nice explanation, not including my bitching or telling them their communication skills are less than one would hope, and not including me accusing them of not really having a plan to get us home anytime soon and no intention of having one.

So, as of dinner time Wednesday night the plan is to close her PDA via a cardiac catheterization.

Which is scheduled for TODAY


Wish us luck!


  1. Always wishing you luck. May the Allmother watch over your family.

  2. Been checking your blog regularly for almost a year now. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Though we don't share the same religion, we are joined by motherhood.