Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy to See You

Some days, the fact that Acorn doesn't talk isn't much of an impediment to knowing what he's thinking.

Today was the second time this week where the look said it all: I'm so happy to see you and you didn't abandon me you came back for me and I was worried that you'd left me forever and I love you and I am so so so happy to see you!

Today Acorn went back to daycare. We all needed a break - he can't be cooped up in this hospital room every day, much less the two hours (or more) a day in the car. I don't get breaks, ever - I'm trying to manage an often over tired, overstimulated, under exercised three year old, all of the doctors and nurses' reports at the hospital, and spend quality time with Leaf. In the evenings, I'm so exhausted that I don't really spend anything approaching quality time with my husband. So....a few hours a week - just two full days when he's had time to acclimate - for Acorn to have play time and the structure I just can't manage right now is important.

He started crying this morning when I parked the car.

Apparently he only cried about a half hour though, and while he struggled with transitions, he participated, attempted to sing the songs with some of their stuff, and had a ball on the playground. He was muddy and wet up to his knees (it's a nice warm day) - note to self, pack galoshes tomorrow.

But when I got there he was terribly excited to see me. And we've had a good afternoon at the hosptial.

Saturday was much the same. He spent the night Friday at K's house so that we could make progress on Leaf's bedroom. He was fine with her, if a bit suspicious, but when we arrived Saturday, he was ecstatic.

So, the separation is good. He'll be fine at daycare without the drama of last time. And we'll all grow a bit in the process.

And I don't mind those big smiles any either. Better than a screaming whining over-tired boy.

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