Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Thursday Thoughts

I am officially more pregnant than I've ever been before (though, if you're going by baby size, that's been true for several weeks). It's still really odd.

The longer I'm here, the more twitchy I get about things - I'm twitchy about ultrasound gel. I'm narrowing down food choices. Showers are a requirement, not just a nice treat. I'm irritated by people who are acting like idiots. And on and on. That combination suggests depression, or at least a problem coping....but I'm still writing, so it must not be that bad yet, because when I'm actually depressed, I stop writing. So that leaves me confused - is this just decompressing? Or what? My former therapist has agreed to take me back as a client and to make hospital calls, but her father-in-law is dying, 4 hours north of here, so arranging an appointment has been challenging.

Acorn has really gotten creative with his climbing - the sink, the kitchen counter, the dining room table (with an attempt at hanging from the chandellier), and anything else available. This week he tried to use the high chair and the potty chair and several toys to help him get onto a bookshelf; when those were taken away, he started trying to use a board book....set up on end, covers bent back, pages splayed around in a star shape - short of making a stack of books, it's actually the strongest way to stand a book, in terms of load capacity, and it probably would have worked. And we had early intervention folks who thought not speaking meant he wasn't smart. ha!

Tomorrow is my 11th wedding anniversary. My husband is going to bring me  a nice dinner; certainly not the way or place I'd prefer to celebrate our anniversary, but compared to some years, this still counts as good - it involves us having a calm evening together, it doesn't involve a funeral, so that's an improvement.

The tweak to my BP meds is both good and bad - I'm watching the BP numbers creep up day after day, which is bad, but it helps a little bit with the sleepiness and brain fog. I guess we'll see.

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