Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not Quite Trach Free

...but everything's a go for being trach free.

Acorn & his daddy went this morning without me, since my BP has been a little flaky the last day or so and we all agreed that it'd be better if I stayed up here and took things easy - though they were actually just downstairs from me.

Acorn did great, and his ENT says that his airway looks great. His tonsils are enlarged, but not so much that they need to come out (and after all his illnesses this spring, she's not surprised, and would rather wait and see what they do). His adenoids are fine. There's a bit of acquired malacia (sometimes called suprastomal collapse, caused by the trach itself proping one of the cartilidge rings that make up the trachea) - but not so much that he can't be decannulated (in fact, the collapse itself takes up far less space in his airway than the trach itself, and he's quite happy to have that capped all day, so it's definitely not an issue).

So....the ENT is ready to take his trach out. Just not today - she wants to give any irritation caused by her work time to resolve. It's now up to us to schedule a time to do that.

And given everything else that's going on, that may wait until after Leaf is born. We just can't manage this many complications at once.

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