Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hospital, Part 4

Well, it's Sunday night, and I'm still here.

I spent Thursday night and Friday day in labor & delivery again, when my blood pressure wasn't quite stable enough. We'd been wondering all week whether it was going to hold or not, given that being any bit late on meds made things run a bit high.

At any rate. Things are stable. It's unclear whether I'm going home or not, though my regular docs think I'm not nearly unstable or risky enough to sit here as the most stable patient on the floor.

My arches are falling, having not worn shoes in almost a week, and it's causing some ankle pain. Sigh. This is why I wear good shoes or orthotics, damn it. Assuming I get home, I can tape or wear a brace, or hope that compression stockings make my shoes wearable.

In the interesting developments of the week, Leaf has continued to improve the kicking skills - I now get Alien quality foot-sticking-out-of-belly type kicks. Hard enough to bounce the monitors off placement, hard enough to be seen. I know Acorn never did that.

So, basically, we're in a holding pattern - here or at home. There is more processing to be done - more to say about some other things, but it'll have to wait for another day, because I think I'm going to catch some shut-eye before vitals at midnight.


  1. With our daughter that we lost, she hardly kicked at all. Now, expecting this baby, who we know has an issue with his brain, I keep holding on to the fact that he kicks like crazy and is acting just like any of my healthy babies.

    Hold on to the positive. I'm sorry you're still there and hope you'll be home with your Acorn soon. Blessed Beltane.

  2. I don't think my one baby kicked at all compared to the two I've got in my stomach now. I don't know if it's because they have less room or what, but they definitely seem super-active by comparison.

  3. You & B and acorn and leaf are in my thoughts. Take care.