Monday, April 18, 2011

recent vignettes

2:30 am, Acorn's room: Acorn's bed is comfortable, but I'm having a hard time finding anywhere comfy to sleep lately. It goes with being pregnant, I suppose. Acorn is mostly sleeping, and even though the oxygen is running and he's wearing an HME, I feel his breath on my cheek, from his nose. Some day, I'm sure this will seem completely normal, but right now it still catches me off guard.

11:00 am, PICU: We are the only room that doesn't have alarms going off every few minutes. Acorn jabbers away - we're sure he's trying to say something, but his articulation just isn't there. He's unfazed by the wires and tubes, other than being unhappy that there's an IV in his foot, which means keeping him in the bed, rather than running around the room. Clearly, he's not sick enough for the PICU - and if he's not sick enough for them, he's probably well enough to go home, all things considered.

3:00 pm, consuite in a random hotel: Overheard as I chase Acorn through the room (he really wants to play on the fire stairs), "Hey, look! He's without a tether! That's awesome!" Last year, same con, different hotel, his oxygen tube was arranged to help keep him from running off - what a difference a year makes. The con itself has changed too - last year we had several people comment on how bad an idea it was to bring a child to "a place like this" (never mind the medical risks, they felt the topic and personalities to be inappropriate)...this year there were 2 younger babies, and at least 4 kids older than Acorn, but under the age of 12.

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