Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little updates

Still lost in my own head. If you find me, send me home, and tell me to wait until I get back, ok?


Friday was interesting, Leaf-wise. Friday morning the top of my uterus (the fundus, as doctors call it) was at the bottom of my belly button (apologies to @kysilka - she has belly button issues, and may want to skip to the next paragraph). I remember being so happy to have finally reached that point with Acorn...and then not really getting much farther. Friday after lunch, Leaf moved...and suddenly (and rather uncomfortably) I had a head poking me *above* and to the side of my belly button. I thought this growth thing was supposed to be gradual?

I'm also rather glad Arwyn (@RaisingMyBoychick) posted a while back on being Fat and Pregnant - it's made me more aware of my belly than I was with Acorn, and has made some things make far more sense than they did. See, I have this roll of fat, right above my belly button. And when I was pregnant with Acorn, I kept waiting for the baby part of my belly to "catch up" so that I actually looked pregnant, not just fat... and what I'm realizing this time is that as Leaf has grown, although my lower belly isn't sticking out all that much more than it did before pregnancy (though, clearly, it *is* different, else I wouldn't be wearing maternity pants with their lack of pockets)...baby is pushing things *up* and out of the way, and that roll of fat at the top actually sticks out more than it did before, because other internal bits are now taking up space there, which just makes it look like the lower part of my belly isn't changing. Tricky, tricky. I do actually have pics, but they're too dark to share without some photoshop The Gimp work on them, so maybe in a few days.


Acorn is babbling up a storm, and he's loud. Really loud. He's trying to say actual words. It's exciting, really, but a bit surreal (like so many other things in our lives right now) to wake up to the sound of him saying gogoGoGoGOGOGOGOGO from across the hall.

His physical therapist wants to discharge him for a bit (and she's not really all that stellar with him), and we're talking about going ahead and doing that for now. A break might be nice. He's sort of got the idea of pedaling a trike this week (which is one of the things we're concerned about him being behind on), and he's still not jumping, but is starting to get the idea on a trampoline.

We're talking about taking a break from seeing the psychologist too. Acorn has met all of our original goals from when we started last summer. We've gotten his decan switched to a hospital where we can better manage his experience, and thus his anxiety. He's not having nightmares and night terrors anymore, and he willingly goes to sleep most nights. We can get through doctors appointments without him throwing up or passing out. These are all good things.


This nanny search thing is complicated. We had a couple of good options, but one of them found a position before I could even get a response from her. I still have more to read through as well. So I guess we keep plugging away at it.


  1. My son had a switch of physical therapists and it did wonders for him. Just working with someone new who pushes them differently can make such a difference. The man who had him from the time he was 1 to around 3, let him go to another woman in the same preschool. Not saying your physical therapist isn't enough (you said she wasn't "stellar"), maybe something to think about? Let me know what happens.

  2. We quit therapy last year...it was actually way better for all of us.

    Grow Leaf, Grow!

    Thinking of you...

    Heather www.thehopefulelephant.com