Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Training Pants reviews coming soon!

I'm planning to get my first review of trainers up tomorrow. I've got 6 pairs (Bummis, BlueBerry, AntsyPants, and 3 etsy purchases) almost ready to go, and 4 more pairs (2 different Snap-Ez, Happy Heinys, and another etsy purchase) that just arrived in the mail.

Here's the ground rules for these reviews:

We're just starting our potty learning journey, so I really want waterproof trainers. A month into fairly consistent reminders, we're down to about 4 wet diapers/trainers a day, but that's still a lot of messes to clean.

Also, because we're so early with this, I expect to have to clean poop out of trainers (and true, it's been about one a day all month).

Our goal is something Acorn can take on and off himself. Easy on/off is important.

I'm looking at absorbency and drying time, because these things make a difference.

Finally, at this point I've bought and paid for all of these myself. If there are folks out there interested in me doing more testing and reviews, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I can't wait to hear your results! I need to know...I need some too, but don't know what to get!