Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: QTBunns Trainers

We ordered these directly from QTBunns. I purchased a "size small" with a really cute road sign print. A variety of sizes and prints are available, as well as customs.

Materials: Inner and outer flannel, a hidden layer of PUL, and several layers of terry for absorbency. These are serged along the edges, rather than having foldover elastic or some other binding.

Closures: No snaps here. The waist and legs have a bit of stretch to them, but overall are very soft.

Sizing: We ordered a small, which the sizing says, THIS IS FOR SIZE SMALL ALL-IN-ONE TRAINERS AND FITS 27-31 LBS. WAIST FITS 15-24", LEG OPENING FITS 12-17."

Acorn is about 29 lbs, and mostly wears size 2T clothes - he can wear most 18 month pants, but they're too short, and he can wear 3Ts but they're too long.

They fit really well - not too tight, not too loose, and they go on and off really easily.

Absorbency: In the soak test (which you can read details of in a previous review), these may be my favorite. The flannel inner sucks the water right in, though the last little bit ran out the legs. The water didn't wick up the front or back at all, so I'm thinking it could have held a bit more in a second application.

Drying: These are not the fastest drying, but they're not the slowest either. They dry better inside out.

Final thoughts: These were among the least expensive we bought, at $9.50. We haven't had a single leak. I didn't think I'd like the serged edges, but they seem to work just fine. I really like the soft flannel, and if these had snaps, they'd be my go-to trainer. 

Disclaimer: these trainers were bought by me, and this review is my personal opinion of them. No compensation was provided.


  1. I'm looking to purchase these - are they still your favorites? I'm looking to have some made w/ an extra layer to make them more absorbent.

  2. In the long run, we ended up with Antsy Pants, but if I'd been convinced that Acorn was actually going to poop in the potty, and that we were really at a point where it was a matter of catching occasional misses instead of us reminding and reminding and reminding, we'd probably have gone with these.