Monday, August 30, 2010

Sorry for the lag...

Yeah, I know I'm behind here, not posting much recently.

It's been busy :)

Acorn was sick - 3 doctor visits in 10 days, lots of extra oxygen, a chest x-ray, fevers reaching 104°....and then it was done, and things are slowly getting back to normal.

Acorn finally re-started OT, and so there's a new therapist who I think will do just fine. He also got a new PT, because the other one got promoted. We all think the new one is an improvement over the old one anyway.

We had a new nurse this month, she lasted 3 shifts before I fired her, and her 4th shift sealed the deal - any nurse who tells me, as my kid is coughing and sputtering, that she isn't comfortable suctioning in a moving car, and could I please pull over, is just not going to work. Frankly, if I have to pull over for her to suction, I could just do it myself.

We were supposed to be going to Pagan Pride Day, but it got rescheduled. Whether or not Acorn goes is now up in the air, because we'd arranged for no nursing that day on purpose - can't very well drag our very Christian nurses to a Pagan festival. He can probably go for part of it, though, because we usually don't have nursing all day on Saturdays.

We went to a powwow. I miss vending at events like this, but it's just not been feasible to this point. Maybe next year...or maybe I'll just get my butt in gear and get into a couple galleries instead. I'm still torn on that point, and on how I'd set up a booth these days if I had one, much less how I'd keep Acorn from wandering off.

We're also building out an Xtracycle - a cargo bike, which we're putting a child seat on for Acorn. First bike ride coming soon, we hope, and there will be a whole post on the bike building.

Potty training took a back seat to illness, but more review posts are coming too.

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