Monday, October 26, 2009

the EI saga continues

I sent Acorn's teacher a letter last week, detailing our concerns with her interactions with Acorn. We're waiting to see how things go now, but I'm still not sure she's really the right person to work with him, based on her experiences and way of approaching things.

She keeps asking how we know that he understands signs if he doesn't use them. By the same logic, do we expect that toddlers don't understand words they can't say yet? Then again, during the evaluation this past spring, she asked how we knew he was laughing if he made no sounds.  *sigh*

We finally got her to start signing with him, rather than trying to get him to only point at things (she's apparently got a lot of experience in teaching kids to use alternative communication devices, which is not what he needs, since Acorn is already trying to talk over the vent, and already signing). Right now, she wants us to document signs used and how he responds because she's just not convinced that the signs posted on his wall are signs he knows.

Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up soon, and I am insisting on getting her and the various therapists (including the speech therapist that can't see Acorn because he's too young) being there if I'm going to take the time to attend.

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