Saturday, October 10, 2009

out of the house

One of the things that we always said was that we weren't going to be the kind of people who let having a child end our (rather limited) social life. We don't get out much as it is, and those few social connections are important.

Today was one of those days. We drove well over an hour to spend the late afternoon and into the evening watching movies with friends...and brought Acorn along. Having friends who aren't overly fazed by him and his accessories is good - makes things a little more normal for us, all things considered. Especially since it's not like we can just call some local teenager to come babysit for us.

We left early enough to get home, get a sleeping Acorn up to bed, and get a portion of the gear out of the car before the nurse pulled up.  She's staying late  in the morning too, so we all get a litttle more sleep.

Which is exactly where I'm headed, as soon as the diapers finish thier rinse cycle so I can get them washing.

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