Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goddessey Goodness

After all our excitement last week, it seems I've caught the kids' respiratory bug, so I'm home sick today. I slept all morning, had lunch, and now I'm lazing on the couch, watching bad horror movies & msking my first attempts at needle felting.

I decided that for the kids' altar, I'd make God  and Goddess figures by needle felting them. Learning to improve my crocheting enough to follow a pattern (my last scarf was triangle shaped with all the dropped stitches) seemed like too much work.

So, here's the photo evidence of what I planned and how "Gaia" turned out. I've already decided I'm going to need more colors of roving for decorating these.

Inital sketches for male and female

first Goddess body in core roving

One side, in blues and greens

filling in the other side

finished Goddess

"Gaia" is about 1" thick and about 7" tall, which should work nicely on the shelf I'm planning to use for this altar.

My goals for this project include Gaia, Green Man, Father Sun, and Mother Moon. Beyond that, we'll see....depends on how the altar works out in practice, and how long this takes me.

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