Friday, May 18, 2012

T-minus 8 days...

It's been a really crazy few weeks here. We're getting the hang of Acorn's new therapy schedule. Leaf has new therapists from early intervention. Work has been much like the Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events books. Everyone has had various doctors appointments. Acorn ended up with a sinus infection, which turned into an ear infection even with tubes (he has a huge blob of ear wax either completely covering the tubei n one ear, or the tube fell out and the wax is where it should be) and then he reacted to the antibiotic he was given, which meant two days at home with lots of icky diapers.

And speaking of just over a week, we're embarking on a potty learning adventure.

We've done a lot of work with Acorn on potty skills, and as recently as early last fall he would go when prompted (he wouldn't ask, and he was still working on clothing management, but put him on his potty chair and he'd go right in it). Then came the November of doom, and after his hospital stay, he wouldn't even sit on the potty.

It's not like the standard bribes work. He hates stickers. He has put an m&m in his mouth (after months of work) but spit it back out. Cheerios are a primary food source, so putting them in the toilet may result in him reaching in to pick them up and eat them - and reaching in is already a problem, because he loves playing in water.

We've finally gotten him to sit (on the big-people toilet even). And he's gone a few times. But over Memorial Day weekend, our plan is to dive right in and try going diaperless and going on a schedule. In the past, I've thought that naked time wouldn't help - it's never bothered him to go on the floor, in the bath tub, or anywhere else. But maybe 3 days of concentrated effort will at least get us back to being able to stay dry if we're on a schedule.

If not, we're in trouble anyway - he has great bladder control, and a prefold no longer holds a whole pee.

Wish us luck!

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