Saturday, December 10, 2011

calendar, calendar, who's got the calendar?


No trach yet. Maybe Monday, if the surgeon can work us in, or else Tuesday, probably late, once the ENT comes back from his weekend trip. Or something....there have been so many scheduling issues with this ENT, I'd rather we just avoid him.

There are other things I want to say, but my brain is still uncaffeinated, and Acorn is not napping today, so there's a lot of chaos.

...things about supporting families in the hospital this time of year, and about how quickly it seems the year has gone, and how soon both Leaf & Acorn's birthdays will be. About the "war" on Christmas (and how hard it is being a non-Christian some days), and about writing and what I'm learning about myself during this leave of absence from work....

But I think it will all have to wait for another day.

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