Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teaching Pagan Children

I've been reading Pagan Blog Prompts for a while now, but I'm not sure I've ever actually blogged one of them....but I think I'd like to change that, and try to hit their topics more often.

One of this month's prompts is titled Teaching Your Children - We're asked,

What do you teach your children regarding your beliefs?

Do you chose to home-school your children? Why? How do you think this will affect them as they grow up?

Right now, Acorn is small. Teaching is simple - we thank the sun for his light, the sky for being so blue or bringing us rain, the trees for giving us shade. Acorn has decided to hug and pat trees - interesting, since our maple trees are fairly rough, and textures are usually a challenge for him. He likes to sit outside and watch nature, soaking it up.

Leaf is even smaller. I sing Pagan chants along with Baa Baa Black Sheep in the evenings. She's never been out of her little room at the hospital, and there will be a whole world to explore once she comes home.

I've started trying to get Acorn to help with my altar each full moon, but he's really more interested in throwing the crystals to see if they bounce like his various balls. Depending on the things on the altar, he likes to rearrange them for me from time to time.

I do energy work on/with both children. I started that before either of them were born.

I'm sure we'll do more when they're older, but right now, everything is pretty magical from their perspective, you know?

Neither of my children is old enough for "real" school. At this time, the plan is to go to public school....but both my husband and I had some less than stellar experiences in school, and we'll be monitoring situations closely. If things are not working, we will find some other option. We know that any schooling option will require us to be very actively involved for it to work in the long run, and we're prepared to do that. I suspect the fact that education is important to us is far more of an impact on our kids than where or how they're schooled.

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  1. Thanks for joining in at Pagan Blog Prompts! Glad you found something that got to your blogging muse. I do understand that 'everything is magical to them now' - totally makes sense!