Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who's the God of insurance?

Because I probably owe him some incense and a thank you.

We have been sweating the end of Acorn's insurance benefits for physical and occupational therapy - 2 hours of each per week has helped him make major progress on getting his gross motor skills a little closer to on-target.

As far as we could tell, the insurance was going to pay for 50 visits, total, this year (where the year starts June 1 with the rest of my benefits), and then we were going to have to get another referral set up just the right way to get medicaid to maybe pay for some of it, possibly.

And if's either pay out of pocket, or depend on his 30 minutes from the school each week to hopefully get us enough information to do it for him ourselves.

We have money. But not that much money.

So, this is a huge hugs thing for us. There are apparently no caps on Acorn's in-home therapy. There've been other things lately that our insurance have done that have surprised us - no arguing about approving his $75 a dose (given twice a day) inhaled meds. No arguing about supplies. No trying to cut our nursing hours. I am baffled - I didn't think my insurance was that good.

And I'm thankful every day for that unexpected blessing.

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