Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where to begin?

It's not that I haven't done the blogging thing before - I've got several, updated with varying frequency. But they've all been sort of pigeon-holed, and none of them are really about life anymore, they're about a topic. And to some extent I miss being able just to talk about what's going on, rather than trying to write on specific topics - I can't really write about religion on my son's update blog, I can't write about his medical needs and the frustrations that go with them on our signing blog, etc etc etc.

I'm trying to figure out parenting, much less Pagan parenting, with a special needs, medically fragile kiddo. He's better and better every day, but it's yet another challenge that we as a community aren't really prepared to handle.

So...for now, here we are:

baby boy is our little Acorn. He's 15 months old, and has a feeding tube and a ventilator (21 hours a day, down from 24 hours). He'll outgrow his medical issues, it's a crazy tough waiting game though.

Husband of nearly a decade (and significant other for several years before that) is Big Oak, a full-time-working geek. Do we have our issues? Sure, but they're things we can work out and overcome, just as we've done for going on 14 years now. We're poly, but not because we're Pagan.

And me, Pagan Mama, a full-time-working geeky mama (and yes, it's my insurance paying for Acorn's health). We sign with him (and I teach baby sign language).

I could say a ton about us, and our family and life, but really, I'd rather just show you who we are as I write. We live in a nice house in a nice suburb - the neighbors probably don't know we're Pagan, or if they do, we blend in well enough that it's not an issue, given the variety of ethnicities and countries-of-origins of people on our street. We have a great school district, but I still wonder about homeschooling or private schools. We pay the bills, drive decent cars, and can generally afford to do whatever we want to do, though we're still paying off "young and stupid" things. We're meat-eating, attachment-parenting, polytheists who belong to an organization that supports family-based Wiccan-based covens because they're the closest thing we've found to doing what we do.

Mostly, we're just finding our way.

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