Monday, May 2, 2016

Mom in the Middle

I know I said I was going to write more. Follow-through has not been my strong point lately.

There's a post over on The Mighty about being the mom in the middle - about not quite fitting into various parenting categories.

I find, these days, that there are so many middles to be in the middle of. 

I'm no longer a 'medically fragile' mom...but we're still more complicated, medically, than most kids. 

I'm now officially an 'autism' mom....but actually don't identify with the perspectives of many vocal autism parents. 

I'm a cerebral palsy mom....but my kids walk and eat and run and climb. 

I've been a heart mom...but everyone was discharged from cardiology in February, for good, with totally normal hearts.

I sometimes think that we're too busy drawing lines....and forgetting to treat each other as moms, each of whom has challenges - some big, some little, but all important....

And I wish that we'd all think about that more often. Every mom is important. Every child is important. One's challenges may be bigger than another....but a small challenge can need just as much support from our communities as a big one, depending on the circumstances.

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