Thursday, May 8, 2014

Growing Like Weeds

A funny thing happened recently.

I realized that Acorn can now hold my hand.

Which is not to say that he didn't hold it before...but that before, he held my hand like a toddler, holding a couple fingers, his hand (and/or wrist) completely envoloped in mine. And now his hand is big enough to actually hold my hand like everyone else holds hands.

This growth thing is subtle. It's a pair of shoes that no longer fit. Pants that were too long that now aren't. Getting to be too hard to carry up the stairs when he's asleep. Words (actual words, and attempted words) coming from his mouth. Writing his name, and walking with me in some cases rather than needing to be shepherded along. Swinging on a big kid swing (and needing 2 people to get him out of a bucket swing....not doing that again!)

Leaf, too, is growing. Tall enough to pull things off the counters. Quick to get on and off furniture. Walking for blocks and blocks - a half mile or more - rather than it being a challenge for her to just get around our block. Riding a tricycle, and cracking jokes (body and potty are two very different signs, but the words sound the same....and making you say one so she can sign the other is hilarious).

Time speeds by, and sometimes I think there are not enough photographs in the world to capture everything I want to capture of them. Photos might capture the smiles, and a video might capture their giggles, but neither can capture the feeling of the world's best hugs, and neither can capture the comparison in my head of tiny preemie hands that couldn't hold the end of my finger and big kid hands that hold my hands back.

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