Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kindergarten and More

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Ai yi yi, what a month. 

Acorn started kindergarten:

It's been quite an adjustment, all in all. New building, new rules, new people, new schedule, packing his lunch every day....but it's gone well. Acorn's aide (he has 1:1 support all day) signs, which has been a huge thing for him and for us. We're going to meet all the therapists next week, and discuss whether there need to be adjustments to his IEP.

Also, Leaf finally got AFOs, after arguing with one doc, getting SMOs that no one thought actually did what they needed to do, arguing with the doctor again, and changing doctors:

We've also had a UTI (acorn), a bout of atelectasis (Leaf), exhaustion (mama and daddy), and generally kept our heads above water.  What a concept!

How's your school year going?

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