Monday, May 20, 2013

Eating is Hard

Let's face it - even for very typical kids, parents put in a lot of work keeping them fed. In the beginning, it's breast or bottle (or both) and all the time and equipment and hassle either way...but by 2 or 3 most kids are pretty good about feeding themselves. Even so, there's still the preparation of food, the buying food or growing food, the trying to find things your kids will eat on their picky days (and we all have those phases and things we like and don't like).

Leaf will be 2 in less than a week. Breakfast this morning was a mashed banana in yogurt...and it took over an hour, 3 bibs, and 3 HMEs (a little barrel that goes over the trach and keeps moisture in - it's an artificial nose of sorts) to get through the meal.

Off and on, Acorn decides that instead of food, he'd prefer a carton of his high calorie formula. It's supposed to only be a supplement, and he gets one every morning for sure, but as short as he usually is on calories, it's not like we can say no. As it is, his diet is pretty limited - he rarely eats meats, and mostly sticks to carbs and veggies.

We hear from people every once in a while that kids won't starve themselves - that eventually they'll eat. Clearly those people have never met kids like mine, or kids who can't eat orally.

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