Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Trachiversary

Today (Wednesday) is Leaf's trachiversary - she has had a trach for a whole year.  It seems longer, and shorter - time is funny that way.

Ironically, tomorrow she goes for her first ever bronchoscopy. They will also be putting tubes in her ears and clipping her upper lip tie.

Only time will tell, but she babbles like crazy, and I think will have fewer speech issues than Acorn. We're going to start weaning her off the vent while sleeping over the next few weeks too. She can crawl up the stairs by herself, but can't get back down - she's ahead of Acorn at this age on a lot of gross motor things, which always startles me.

This is definitely not how I pictured things going....but it's not a bad deal overall. We mostly love our nurses, and we know she's well cared for during the day while we're working. I'm home with the kids some, which I probably wouldn't be if things had gone as smoothly as we'd hoped. It all works out in the end, you know?

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