Wednesday, October 24, 2012

it's a long road

I find that one of the things that most wears me out (and from reading other parents' stories, it wears on them too) is the constant battle when you have a child who's not quite what you expected to get them the things they need.

The school, the insurance, the evaluators who are deciding what help your child gets, the doctors, the pharmacy, the medical supply company (or companies, since it seems like we're in the minority, only having one company to deal with).....every  one of them will require contact most months, some more than once, and that's without anything going wrong.

And most of those places are only open certain hours - usually less than normal business hours, in fact - and that limits when you can contact them. Very few of ours take email even.

And so it goes, week after week and month after month. Usually, just when you think you're kind of getting the hang of it, something else explodes and you have a dozen or more calls to make again.

It's exhausting.

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