Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Busy busy busy

It has been a rough month here at Chez Acorn. Everyone's been sick, and either passing the germs back and forth, or not actually getting over the illnesses. Between Acorn and Leaf, there have been 7 pediatrician's visits, 1 vent clinic visit, 1 cardiology visit, 1 ENT visit, 1 referral to a new pulmonologist (which is scheduled for November, but the pediatrician wants to happen sooner), 3 rounds of antibiotics, 1 new inhaler, 3 rounds of oral steroids, 2 steroid shots, and a whole box of albuterol. 

And that's not counting the meds & appointment I got for getting the same sinus infection.

On top of that, Acorn has had 2 different evaulations for assistive technology/alternative & augmentative communication (AAC) devices.  I am meeting with his teacher later this week; she's hoping to move up the timeline that would get him a device sometime in October.  That's not to say that all is hunky-dory with the school; there's still the issue of how they're communicating in the meanwhile, whether he'll use their device, the ignoring our request for a meeting to review the kids' IEPs, and their inability to get the bus schedule right.

We got 2 new nurses, and one has already quit. The rumors about why are pretty funny, but since I'm not supposed to actually know why she doesn't want to work at our house, I won't share here.

We didn't make it to Pagan Pride Day. I'm somewhat bummed by that, but I know that staying home and keeping our snot to ourselves was the best option. I'm hoping to get out to more events next year, and to start talking about travelling a bit more, since we expect Leaf will no longer be sporting a ventilator at some point. I haven't put in any classes for Convocation, and since the deadline is Friday night, I'm guessing I won't actually be putting in anything.  I'm already behind on writing this month, and it's looking like I won't catch up in the next few days.

There *are* some fun things in the works though - I'm planning a couple outings for local trach families, trying again for a Pagan playdate this month, moving most of my ebooks off my own website and into amazon and smashwords for my own sanity, and working on a couple of childrens' books. Leaf is as cute as ever and growing by leaps and bounds, we're getting a vitamix to blenderize part of her feedings (and maybe some of Acorn's too), and we've all spent a lot of time out on the deck, playing in Acorn's sand and water table, so it's all good.

We just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and hope that next month is a little less intense (though with Acorn going back to school starting Wednesday and IEPs and appointments, who knows how it will all play out?

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