Sunday, April 22, 2012


Last night, as bedtime again took more than an hour, I found myself getting irritable about the time it takes, and how many other things I could be getting done.

 But laying there in the dark, waiting for Acorn to sleep, I had a realization: this is time with him I can never get back.

One day he'll be old enough that he won't want someone to stay with him while he goes to sleep.
One day he won't need to have someone snuggling with him to feel safe enough to drift off.
One day he'll take showers without supervision, and put his pajamas on without help.
One day he'll move out and sleep somewhere else.

He already seems so big - especially in comparison to Leaf. I remember when he fit in some of these clothes; he was still in the hospital when he wore some of these. And sometimes it feels like he's just growing up too fast, even as we struggle with things he can't do yet.

So, again, a reminder to be mindful - to be present - because this moment right here is the only now I've got.

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